Princes of the Apocalypse

Princes of the Apocalypse Session 2

The Madman of Lance Rock

With a variety of leads to follow up on, the party decided the most pressing issue was the missing Tarnlar twins. With several options before them, they decided that they would head to Lance Rock and investigate the “Fell magic” they heard about.

They travelled several hours into the wilderness, and came across what seemed to be the site of an ambush, near a sign that warned travellers to stay away from Lance rock due to plague. Suspicious, they ignored the warning, and came upon an opening in the rock.

As they made their way into the caves, they were assaulted by zombies! After putting down the undead, they came across a raving madman who kept blathering on about an “Eye”, shouting that “it see’s you!!!” After a harrowing battle in which our heroes took grevious wounds, they managed to defeat the necromancer.

They investigated further, and came across a strange arcane icon floating in the air. Upon examining it, they felt a surge of power, and it vanished. Strange as that was, they looted the cave, and came out with a journal. It seems the madman was a scholar named Oreioth, from Candlekeep, who had travelled to the region to study Lance rock. According to the journal, Lance rock was the site of a Draconic battle, in which an Ancient Green Dragon dropped the massive rock from the sky on a rival black dragon, crushing it utterly. According to the notes, Oreioth thought there may be residual energy from the second Dracorage Mythal infusing the location. What he found however, was a strange alter that seems to eminate elemental energies.
What follows in the journal is a descent into madness. It seems after a few weeks of study and experimentation, Oreioth started worshiping the strange energies, and began experimenting on corpses.

He then decided he needed live subjects, and so reanimated some of the corpses and sent them out to collect what he termed “fresh specimens”. It seems the Tarnlar twins were some of these, sadly. By the end of the journal, Oreioth had begun ranting about harnessing the power of the Eye, and the destruction of all, etc etc. In the end, just illegible scribbles and a repeated phrase “The Eye see’s you!!!”

Having discovered the fate of the twins, the party headed back to Red Larch to report their findings. On the way back, they experienced a sudden squall. A few hours later, as Red Larch came into sight, a sudden Tremor shook the land for a few moments, then subsided.

What is going on here? What is the Eye, and does it really see you? Will our heroes live to see level 3? TUNE IN NEXT TIME…..


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