Princes of the Apocalypse

Princes of the Apocalypse Session 2
The Madman of Lance Rock

With a variety of leads to follow up on, the party decided the most pressing issue was the missing Tarnlar twins. With several options before them, they decided that they would head to Lance Rock and investigate the “Fell magic” they heard about.

They travelled several hours into the wilderness, and came across what seemed to be the site of an ambush, near a sign that warned travellers to stay away from Lance rock due to plague. Suspicious, they ignored the warning, and came upon an opening in the rock.

As they made their way into the caves, they were assaulted by zombies! After putting down the undead, they came across a raving madman who kept blathering on about an “Eye”, shouting that “it see’s you!!!” After a harrowing battle in which our heroes took grevious wounds, they managed to defeat the necromancer.

They investigated further, and came across a strange arcane icon floating in the air. Upon examining it, they felt a surge of power, and it vanished. Strange as that was, they looted the cave, and came out with a journal. It seems the madman was a scholar named Oreioth, from Candlekeep, who had travelled to the region to study Lance rock. According to the journal, Lance rock was the site of a Draconic battle, in which an Ancient Green Dragon dropped the massive rock from the sky on a rival black dragon, crushing it utterly. According to the notes, Oreioth thought there may be residual energy from the second Dracorage Mythal infusing the location. What he found however, was a strange alter that seems to eminate elemental energies.
What follows in the journal is a descent into madness. It seems after a few weeks of study and experimentation, Oreioth started worshiping the strange energies, and began experimenting on corpses.

He then decided he needed live subjects, and so reanimated some of the corpses and sent them out to collect what he termed “fresh specimens”. It seems the Tarnlar twins were some of these, sadly. By the end of the journal, Oreioth had begun ranting about harnessing the power of the Eye, and the destruction of all, etc etc. In the end, just illegible scribbles and a repeated phrase “The Eye see’s you!!!”

Having discovered the fate of the twins, the party headed back to Red Larch to report their findings. On the way back, they experienced a sudden squall. A few hours later, as Red Larch came into sight, a sudden Tremor shook the land for a few moments, then subsided.

What is going on here? What is the Eye, and does it really see you? Will our heroes live to see level 3? TUNE IN NEXT TIME…..

Princes of the Apocalypse Session 1
Welcome to Red Larch

Our heroes have come to the Dessarin Valley, having just recently arrived from the west. Each of our heroes have their own reasons for coming here, but have banded together to tackle challenges that they would not be able to alone.

Shadow has come here seeking a River Pirate named Jolliver Grimjaw, who is rumoured to be holed up in Rivergaard Keep on the Dessarin River. He was part of the crew that killed Shadows old captain.

Syndolin has come after reading the signs and portents of the natural world. Something is out of balance with the forces of nature, and he is seeking the source of this in the Dessarin Valley. Nature’s balance must be restored!

Valenae has been tasked by her family to seek out a wayward Waterdhavian noblewoman named Savra Belabranta, who was last seen heading towards Feathergale Spire, a nobles retreat in the Sumber Hills. Savra’s family wants her to return home. Valenae suspects she has been tasked with this to keep her out of her families business while the upheavel in the Elven kingdoms is sorted out.

Davril has come after finding a missing persons report posted on a notice board in Thornkeep. The Gladham family, who was always kind to travelers and workers passing through the Valley, have gone missing. Davril seeks to find this family, and help where he can in the valley.

Mutter found an ancient map while perusing an old musty book, showing what looked to be an ancient dwarven stronghold name Tyar-Besil….is this part of the lost Dwarven nation of Besilmar? Mutter intends to find out, and has determined the map points the way to the Dessarin Valley.

With these goals in mind, the party entered Red Larch, and visited the local tavern and inn, as well as talked to several of the locals. They learned much of the goings on in Red Larch, and have a variety of leads to follow. The first thing they tackled was a job given to them by Constable Harbuck, to track down some bandits he suspects are the root cause of Red Larches problems. The party did so, defeating the rogues at their camp just a few hours outside of Red Larch. They found no evidence at the camp to suggest the bandits were linked to any other problems in Red Larch, and so returned to town.
They now have a few leads to follow up on:
1. Minthra “Minny” Mhandyvver’s granddaughter Pell claims she saw ghosts out by an abandoned Tomb. A short one, and a tall fat one.
2. Kaylessa Irkell, proprietor of the Swing Sword Inn, has a theory that all the troubles are based out of Lance Rock. “Fell Magic”, she calls it. She offered 50GP for the party to investigate.
3. A Skull pinned to a tree outside of town with a thick black arrow was found by some travellers…a sign of the Uthgardt Tribes being close. Viscous cannibals and savage barbarians, Constable Harbuck has asked the party to investigate as soon as possible…but be careful as the tribe generally travels in large groups and are expert woodsman and trackers. He suspects that if the bandits aren’t responsible for the missing people, perhaps the Uthgardt are?
4. Albaeri Mellikho, of Mellikho’s Stoneworks, has been having trouble at her Quarry. Constable Harbuck thinks she is jumping at shadows, but she insists her workers have seen “stone masked men” watching them from the shadows at night, and now her workers refuse to work the night shift. Constable Harbuck suggested that bandits or pranksters are responsible, but that didn’t pan out. Mellikho suggested the party look into Tricklerock cave, as some of her workers said they saw suspicious fellows heading that direction. She claims that there is a “legendary treasure” out there, but no one has found it.
5. Perhaps links to 4, Stannor Thistlehair, a grumpy halfling carpenter (and drunk), who works at Waelvur’s Wagonworks, suggested, in a drunken rant, that weird robed and masked people have been sneaking around the wagonworks at night. Not all the time, but once a ten-day or so for the last while.
6. And finally, the party learned that the Tarnlar Children, who were much loved by the townsfolk, went missing while out picking berries. Constable Harbuck thought perhaps the bandits took them for ransom, but the party found no evidence to suggest this. He now suspects the Uthgardt are involved. Kaylessa believes that whatever is going on at Lance rock is the cause, while Mellikho thinks her stone faced men are the cause. What did happen to the twins?

Will our heroes find the lost children before it is too late? What is haunting Red Larch at night? Are all these events related? TUNE IN NEXT TIME……


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